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projectintelligence asked:

I don't have to, but I want to~ you seem like a really cute and awesome person. ^^

!?!?!?!? 😄😄😄💕💖💕💋💋 DANKE!! GRACIAS!! MERCÌ!! 감사합니다!! ARIGATO!! (Idk how to write in Japanese 😢) Thank you!! Hehehe and I think that about you as well! (Don’t tell the others, but I love whenever I see you on my dash!!) 😙

I can’t believe this

So I am sitting in my programming class and literally three kids next to me are complaining about how a “low end” (aka low income) school are coming to our university so they can learn about this program that we are in. They were talking about how they’ll have to “dumb it down Barney style” because ~obviously~ low income kids are less intelligent.

Classism at it’s finest…

morgaritooo asked:

Like it's something I've been struggling with since I was in 8th grade and I'm a sophomore in college now. But I'll eat something better today

Please don’t feel guilty about it! You are beautiful and a meal won’t stop that. I struggled with it from 8th grade to about the beginning of this semester (sophomore year in college as well) I was calorie counting and eating below the recommended count (1200) and whenever I did, I felt ~good~ even though I was damaging myself….finally I realized that I don’t need this pressure when I already have exams and all that to worry about. If someone doesn’t like my body, that’s their problem. Plus I probably don’t like their personality. I am cute. I am pretty. I still struggle to say those things…but just saying them a little has helped me. I am so SO much happier now than when I was starving myself….my skin and hair got better and I felt brighter. It is just awesome. I wouldn’t say I don’t care about what I eat now, I still eat less than I used to (before starving) but I eat more substantial things. Yesterday, I had a cookie, popcorn, and cake after dinner ~hehe~ I couldn’t finish the cake but it just felt great to eat it without freaking out.
I know this is something you might have to discover on your own, but I’d like to try and help ♡♡


Anonymous asked:

Can I just talk about how much I can't stand TERFs? As a cisgender female, it annoys me to no end when I read about them crashing trans woman forums. Listen, if a woman says she is a woman, good enough for me. You are male? Ok. You aren't either or are both and prefer other pronouns? Fine by me. As a feminist, you are for equality. And that means equality ACROSS THE BOARD. Otherwise, don't even fucking bother calling yourself a feminist, and say what you really are; a prejudiced asshole.

The difference between asking about something you want to learn politely and respectfully and asking for something you want to learn being rude and disrespectful is:


Polite and respectful: you get an answer.

Rude and disrespectful: you get told off.

Keep this in mind when my haters challenge me.

TERFs never get answers because they are always rude and disrespectful. They can’t help it, their hate dominates everything and comes through in everything.

Anti-trans trans people are the same way.

People who disrespect you do not deserve answers to rude questions. They won’t hear the answers anyway.


Anonymous asked:

What is a TERF? I keep seeing them mentioned, but I don't know what they are.


Trans exclusionary/exterminatory radical feminists. Basically, radical feminists who use feminism as a means for masking their (blatant) transphobia & transmisogyny. They are awful and believe that trans people don’t actually exist because gender doesn’t exist, only sex does. They aggressively de-gender and misgender trans people (especially trans women) and advocate that only sex-based oppression exists (not gender-based oppression) because ‘gender is a social construct’, ignoring the fact that pretty much everything is a social construct, including sex.

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